You’ve just taken your first step towards putting money back into your pocket…

Banks can charge up to 3% in hidden fees
over the mid-market rate.
The Mid-Market Rate is the ONE true exchange rate. It is the wholesale rates at which banks, and only banks, buy and sell currency between each other.
With each quote we show you the live mid-market
as well as the small commission we charge.
Nothing is hidden
The Mid-Market Rate is the ONE true exchange rate. It is the wholesale rates at which banks, and only banks, buy and sell currency between each other.
Anytime access to robust FX tools and our global
currency network to manage all your FX needs
on your terms
how it works
Once your account is setup and confirmed, managing your FX needs through our secure
online portal has never been easier, safer and more cost effective. Click on the numbers below to see the software in action.
Simply select the currency, the amount, the destination
of your transfer and we’ll provide a quote
detailing the live mid-market rate and our small fee
Once the quote is accepted, you will receive an
email with instructions to transfer the specified amount from your bank to your FX Hub account
When the funds arrive in your FX Hub account,
these will be automatically paid to your recipient in the desired currency via the global SWIFT network

Convert over 30 currencies
and make transfers to over 200 countries

What You Can Do

Through our self-service FX management portal, we provide a range of
services to efficiently manage your foreign exchange needs.

Invoice Pay

Have foreign suppliers
or vendors invoice to pay?

Enter the currency, the exact amount you need to pay, and the beneficiary details and we’ll do the rest. You can even use our calendar function to automate the process.

Bring It Home

Do you collect revenues in one
currency yet pay bills in another?

Use The FX Hub to convert currencies between your own bank accounts and save over 80% on the fees your bank charges.


Do you spend your time
in multiple countries?

Use The FX Hub to drastically reduce the fees you pay to the bank for international mortgages, foreign tuitions, investments or transferring vacation funds.

Make the complicated easy, make the easy fun

Our 24/7 online FX management platform is designed with bank-­grade level security and
host of money saving features that provide useful information and a great experience

Transparent Fees
We always show you the live mid-market rate plus our small commission; never any hidden fees
Fast Transfers
Funds reach your beneficiaries within a few hours of hitting your FX Hub account
Consistent Pricing
Regardless of frequency or amount, your fee will always be 0.65% above the live mid-market rate
Beneficiary details verified against banking database; no more mistakes
Beneficiary Manager
Store all beneficiary details; pay multiple beneficiaries from a single transfer
Beneficiary Alerts
Automatically notify beneficiaries when funds transferred
Payment Tracking
Track balance, conversions and payment status in real time
Transaction History
Reference all historical trades, payments, beneficiaries and rates
Multiple Permissions
Setup multiple users with controlled access to features

Power Tools

Interested in exploring more enhanced FX options? CONTACT a member of our risk management team to learn how our FX power tools can help maximize your efficiency while reducing your risk.

Forward Contracts

Lock in a favorable exchange
rate for a future currency transfer.
This buy now pay later option allows you to mitigate uncertainty on payments up to 12 months in the future.

Limit Orders

Select a target rate for your international transfer
and we’ll monitor the market on your behalf.
If the market reaches your selected rate, we action your request and convert the currency.

Automated Transfers

Managing recurring payments
on a regular basis takes time.
Setup your account to pay the same
beneficiary every time you deposit funds.

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