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Historically, large banks have run very profitable businesses by charging fees to execute relatively simple transactions, such as foreign exchange or international payments, for their clients. Those fees have varied substantially depending on the size and sophistication of the clients. For example, small and medium businesses (SME’s) typically get charged more than the bank’s largest and preferred clients. For SME’s these fees can add up to as much as 5% to the cost of converting and transferring funds internationally, a significant cost to business owners. Why did the market develop in such a manner? Because banks have benefited from a relatively opaque market, where the true cost of transacting is difficult for SMEs to determine. Most people assumed there were no other easy alternatives, until now

The world is changing and technological innovations can now put the wholesale pricing capability of professional FX traders on your desk, in a secure and transparent manner. The FX Hub’s easy to use online platform is dedicated to providing easy, affordable and transparent foreign exchange and international payment services to every company regardless of size. And not only do we provide competitive rates, we prove it to you. We are the only FX service provider to deliver quotes that show both the live mid-market rate (the wholesale rates at which banks, and only banks, buy and sell currency between each other) and the transparent small fee that we charge to help you manage your FX and payment needs. We believe that everyone should get a fair deal and that your money should stay in your pocket not the banks.

The time has come for clients to get a fair deal.
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