About Us

About Us

FX Hub is a Forex ,Binary options and Cryptocurrency trading company regulated and licensed by the Companies House of the U.K. Government.FXHub provides their clients with cutting edge FX trading services With years of experience, FXHub has gained an excellent reputation as a market leading and trusted Forex broker with clients, affiliates and brokers. It is our mission to provide clients with a professional services in Forex,Binary options & cryptocurrency trading, analytics, and excellent customer support.

FXHub is Founded by  Peter Devos (founder) and  Rafael Marco Antonio(co-Founder) .FXHub has been operating locally within Europe since 2016 until it was recently launched online globally and incorporated into the companies house of the U.K. Government making our investment program available for investors all over the world.


To date we have registered our company in London. We are in the jurisdictional area of the United Kingdom as law-abiding taxpayers; we are in a timely manner accountable for our actions.


Minimum Investment: $1000

Maximum: Infinity

We guarantee 7% weekly return of investment for a contract period of 12 months on all investment plans, after which you can renew.

Payouts of the return of your investment is weekly on Saturdays .

Profits are updated 5 days in a week. The first one is after 24 hour after the addition of your deposit in your account. All your deposits will run for 12 months. No additional limitations exist - you can withdraw any profits according to a schedule that you will make by yourself!

Moreover, the company does not have any restrictions nor in the maximum amount of the deposit, nor in their numbers. You can have as many deposits at the same time as you want. In addition to favorable investment proposal, you can take advantage of the affiliate program and earn an additional up to 5% of the deposit of your referral.



Introduce your family and friends to this amazing investment platform and get 5% Direct Referral Bonus on all their investments.


Help your family and friends to increase their network of their friends to join FX Hub and get Indirect Referral Bonus Ranges is 3%.